Friday, April 25, 2014


you know - i have had this blog and regular updating the life of my kiddos since we became pregnant with Libby.  I have done a horrible job over the past year updating the blog because...well...if I am going to make excuses (which I don't want to), it's life.  And, honestly, I am just enjoying it or at the very least living in the moment.  I do need to find a balance because my kids and myself really enjoy looking back at old posts.  I'm going to try to do a better job (yeah, yeah - I have said that before).  But here is a quick and dirty recap of what's been happening.


Toothless - Ok, she isn't really *toothless* but the tooth fairy does seem to make regular stops at our house nowadays.  She's lost her bottom two teeth first and now the top two are gone.  Her permanent teeth are coming in pretty quickly on the bottoms but the tops were just lost so she has the adorable space that causes a lisp at times.  I just absolutely love hearing her talk and watching her smile right now.

School - It's amazing that she's almost completed her first year (Kindergarten) of school!  Will all of the other years go this quickly?  Gosh I hope not but I fear they will.

Sports - We've done swimming for awhile and I am just waiting for the green light to have her signed up for swim team...but a few weeks ago she started soccer.  I am beyond proud of how well she is doing.  She went from being afraid to being confident and wanting to go after the ball.  She takes after her momma and wants to play defense.  I still think it's because she doesn't want to run as much as a forward has to...but for now I will choose to just think she likes defense ;)

Personality - Sweetest. Kid. Ever.  That's all I ever hear and I 100% agree.  She's kind to EVERYONE and makes friends where ever she goes.  Has at least 3 boyfriends in her class alone (yikes!) and a good circle of friends.


"School" - TJ is in preschool and has his ups and downs.  He's definitely going to be my wild child as he really is his own person and does what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it.  That's awesome but not good when trying to follow routines and rules of a school.  He seems to do awesome for a few weeks and then regresses but his teachers are so amazing and patient.  And they work / talk with us so much that it really helps make it less confusing for the boy-o.  A++

Potty Training - Holy crow will this EVER end? :)  Yeah, yeah...I think it's people that haven't potty trained in awhile or have never potty trained that say things like that "well, they won't wear diapers in college so just give it time".  Seriously one of the most frustrating things ever.  It is not up to you and you cannot control the situation at all.  They just have to learn on their own and sometimes it takes a long time.  With Libby it didn't take super duper long (except for the BMs) but with TJ we've been doing this for a year!  A YEAR!  He's really starting to take to it now though - the last few months have been AMAZING so I think (JINX!) we are on a downward spiral to have this journey end.  He even has been saying no to a pull up during nap time / bedtime and that he isn't a baby and wants to be a big boy.  This from the boy that a few weeks ago was begging for a "diaper" and that he wanted to stay a baby.  The fact he can communicate this so well shows how ready he is to move onto the next phase ;)  Sorry buddy but I'm glad you are coming around!

Chatterbox / Story Teller - I remember with Libby all of a sudden the verbal skills tripled in what seemed overnight...well, that has occurred with TJ which I think is helping with Potty Training.  His favorite thing to do is to tell stories and I have to admit they are awesome.  If he would let me, I would love to record some of them (even if they are just audio) because they are really adorable and funny.  Sadly the best stories seem to come during bed time when he is avoiding the sand man. 

Personality - Snuggly.  Talkative.  Brut.  I don't know what else to say ;)


Ok, so I will do a better job going forward and doing this - at least once a week.  Really.  I think ;)

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