Friday, May 1, 2009

Big Changes!

So some of you guys know already but I am going to post it here...we are selling our home.  I am excited, nervous, sad, and happy by this possible change.  Basically one night Jim looked at me and asked if I wanted to sell our home.  This was probably after Libby smeared her face against the glass siding doors begging to play outside in our non-existant yard.  So, that sealed the deal and we're trying to sell our home in this market.  Which is not fun.  We spent 2 weeks frantically getting the house ready.  Honestly, with it only being 3.5 years old there wasn't a lot to do.  We just organized and de-cluttered and it looks amazing!!  Who knew you could collect so much stuff??  So, if you know someone that wants to buy a home (townhome) in St. Louis, let me know!!  We'll miss it but we just really want a yard for Libby to play in!

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