Monday, January 18, 2010

Good-bye short, gross weekend

This past weekend was the first since returning back to work after going to WDW. I was so excited - the weather was supposed to be great and we only had a few things planned. My hopes were high to catch up on some much needed sleep and maybe even taking Libby to the STL Zoo. Imagine my surprise (and disappointment) when I was woken up by my adorable child getting sick at 11pm. And again at 12am. 1am. 2am. etc. You get the point. This continued until 8am when she finally stopped. Obviously we were all exhausted after a horrible night and I definitely couldn't handle anything else gross with my weak stomach right now. After she went a few hours w/o getting sick, I thought we were finally out of the woods and then I began to feel awful. I only got sick a few times but nothing compared to Miss Libby - the trooper. We finally got a little bit of food to stay down and she slept like a rock on Saturday night... and honestly so did we. Sunday was much better but I was still scared to give her much to eat. By mid-day I knew we needed to try to give her normal food or she couldn't go back to school. I just won't send her if she is sick especially if she had been getting sick. She took the food fine and kept it down. So we were finally completely out of the woods. Jim never got sick...I only felt bad on Sat was over.

I still was confused by what caused this. I didn't know if it was food poisoning? a bug? what was it? I talked with one of her teachers this morning and it turns out half of the center had a stomach bug last week. Even her teacher had to go home early because of it on Friday. So, now we know what caused it.

Good-bye weekend. Good-bye gross, gross weekend. Please don't come back!

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