Monday, July 5, 2010

June Brain Dump

So June's gone apparently.  My normal routines of taking pictures, regularly posting here, etc have obviously gone away.  I am hoping this month will be better but I cannot promise.  So, here we go.  I am going to do a brain dump of everything over the past month or so to get everyone caught up.

Baby Update
Well I am 33 weeks (soon to be 34 on Wednesday) and baby is doing fantastic.  I started my regular perinatal appointments last Monday and they seem to be going really well.  Mr TJ is weighing in at approximately 5lbs 8oz at the last ultrasound which is somehow only the 75%.  I cannot imagine what you have to be for the 90%!  The appointments are really easy.  Quick...not so much.  The routine is usually for me to go back and get a quick ultrasound to check my fluid levels and then do a non-stress test.  The non-stress test is where it all falls a part.  The goal is to be monitored for 20 minutes and then get the baby's heart rate up by 15 beats in that time.  The little bugger will manage to go 14 once and maybe twice if I am lucky but still that isn't enough.  So, I have the pleasure of sitting there until he performs...which so far has ranged from 45-60 minutes.  I have a plan for tomorrow though - jelly beans.  We'll see if that gets him going!  

The blood pressure medicine seems to be working well.  At least the Drs seem pleased.  We have another c-section date scheduled now besides 8/11.  Our actual OB thinks we may not make it that long and has scheduled one for 8/6 in case things go sour.  So, now we have another possibility!

Libby Update

She's doing great.  I'm not sure if she really understands about how her life is about to change but she'll figure it out soon enough. =)  Her vocabulary is really growing, and she is really growing up fast.  Unfortunately she knows this and is now testing her boundaries.  We've experienced more intense tantrums and how she wants to do everything herself w/o help.  Even things she really cannot do and end in disasters.  But, honestly, we have to let her try so she can learn.  It's been an adventure for all of us.

So all in all it's been a full but great month but very busy preparing for Baby and honestly, just enjoying time with Libby.  While I am enjoying this pregnancy, I am really looking forward to having my body back and not being the size of a whale. 

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