Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jim vs the Baby - Baby 1; Jim 0

As you know, Jim returned back to work yesterday. What you might not have known is he wasn't 100%. Saturday we noticed that Jim's eye was really red. I looked at it and noticed it looked like there was either something in there or it was scratched. So, being a nerd, I looked up what to do for a scratched eye online. Everything pretty much said he needed to go to the eye doctor. Yesterday, Jim went to the doctor and found out that the baby had scratched his eye. Now, I was at first kind of upset at this and then I thought about it. What on earth are these two doing at night when I am asleep? I am now convinced they are wrestling. So, for now the baby is winning the fight.

P.S. Jim's eye will be fine. It is already mostly healed and he got prescription eye drops last night (after waiting for HOURS at walgreens). He is going back today to get it checked again but it looks great.

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