Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lamaze Class

Last Tuesday was our first of 6 Lamaze classes. We are taking them at St. Johns. I have to admit I was really nervous about taking them and wasn't sure if they were just a ploy to get our money. After taking one of the classes I am interested. We are not only taking Lamaze but Infant Care at the same time. The class is from 6-9 which makes me wonder why they would make something so late for pregnant women that can't stay up that late.

In any case, I am going to try to document some of the things I found useful about the class in hopes it might help others. It also helps me remember what we talked about. =) Ann ran the class last Tues although she won't be our normal instructor. That will be Judy. In any case, here are some of the things we learned from the class.
  • We complained about our pregnancies (significant others did too =)). The woman in charge, Ann, explained why things happened and why we felt the way we did. She also gave suggestions on how to relieve the discomfort.
    • Back Pain - Pregnant woman have a strain on the backs because there is so much weight in the front. Our spinal cords are not even straight. She suggested we stand against a wall and stretch our backs backwards toward the wall.
    • Charley Horse - While I had these at the beginning, a lot of people in my class are getting these in the morning. Ann suggested that before we get out of bed each morning to stretch our legs but before we fully extend our legs to stretch our toes towards our knees, stretching them. Apparently that is the trick to prevent or stop the charley horse from fully coming on. If you just merely stretch w/o flexing your foot, it won't do any good.
    • Feet Swelling - No surprise that people in the class have this. Ann suggested just to drink lots of water, lay down when you can, and finally to keep your feet propped up as much as possible
    • Braxton Hicks -These are false contractions. I haven't experienced these but a lot of people in the class have. Ann said that if you have more than 6 of these false contractions before you are 36 weeks you need to notify your doctor. She said that sometimes you can't tell if these are braxton hicks contractions or just the baby moving. The major difference is that if you can make an indentation on your stomach, they are not contractions. If you cannot, then they are contractions.
    • Rib Pain - Ann explained that there is a nerve that the baby can hit while moving around that can cause this pain in your ribs. She said that really all you can do is try to move the baby away from the nerve but it can be sore for awhile.
    • Tendons - There are 2 tendons connecting your uterus to another point on your body. If you feel sharp jabbing pains or discomfort after getting up from laying down, the tendons are stretching and moving the uterus back in place. Their sole purpose is to keep the uterus in the proper place. It was suggested to hold your belly as you are moving or roll off where ever you are sitting/laying to prevent this discomfort.
  • We also talked about infant care and things that are 'must haves'. Most people didn't have a lot to add since we are all first timers but here are the things mentioned:
    • Pack 'n Plays
    • Miracle Blanket
    • Day Care - Lots of people are either choosing the in home or facilities or in home nannies. They are bringing websites they have used to find which ones they are choosing next week so I will share those when I get them.
    • Pediatricians - Ann passed out 10 questions to ask potential pediatricians.
    • One thing I didn't know is once the baby can move around, the bumpers and blankets from the bed should be removed. The only thing that should be in the crib is the sheet around the mattress and the baby by him or herself.
That's all I can think of at the moment. More to come in the up coming weeks!

Nesting Instinct

So I have always been the type to prepare for things. While I know this baby is supposed to come around October 6th, not knowing what day or time is driving me crazy a little bit. However, I have definitely noticed the last few weeks that I have definitely started having this thing called the "nesting instinct". This morning alone I have cleaned every bottle we have gotten and washed all of the bibs we have gotten so far. Last weekend I was obsessed with washing all of the clothes we have for Elizabeth. While I have read this is normal, I am sure people that are watching these crazy actions taking place are completely confused and concerned by them. I am almost obsessed in getting the house ready even though we have a few more months before Baby Ski arrives. So stay tuned for the craziness!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pictures Galore

As promised (for the last 7 months), I put pictures on our flickr page of me and other various things related to the pregnancy and Elizabeth. I was told from a friend that I needed to take pictures of myself to remind me where I have been after Elizabeth is here we go!

In any case, enjoy the pictures - I will keep the link on the left sidebar so you can get to it at any time. Pictures of Elizabeth will eventually take over all of the pregnancy pictures. =)

Lamaze Class Worries

Jim and I have our first lamaze class tonight. I am a bit nervous. My sister almost passed out during her first class so that doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy about going to this tonight. It is from 6-9pm every Tuesday for the next 6 weeks. Considering I can barely stay awake past 8:30 pm, this should be interesting. Plus, they make us wear comfy clothes, bring pillows and a soft blanket to sit on, and teach us relaxing breathing techniques. I'm doomed! I'll fall asleep within the first 30 minutes. Or wait...maybe that is why they show the scary, graphic videos of birth. Ahh... I am starting to get it. In any case, I will let you know how it goes. Should be interesting.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pregos Galore!

Most of you have heard that I have a lot of cousins in my family (mirly side) that are pregnant. We got an awesome shot of all of them. Good luck to everyone!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Week 27 Review

Well the first week of my 3rd trimester was pretty uneventful. Last Saturday I went back home to Jackson for Kelly's, my cousin, shower. I stayed the entire weekend with my parents which was wonderful. We went to Sikeston and an outlet mall there that has a ton of baby clothes on sale. I spent a lot of money but it was well worth it. =) We tried to go to Lamberts (Home of the throwed rolls) for dinner but it was swamped. We didn't want to wait for hours to eat...soo...we went back on Sunday instead. =) It was a good way to start the week and Elizabeth liked the food a lot.

The rest of the week was pretty kept me busy and Elizabeth is getting more and more active. One thing that is changing is that I can definitely tell a difference in my level of peppiness....or the lack of it. I, on average, have been going to bed between 8:30 and 9 each night this week. I know this may not come as a shock to some since I am not exactly a night owl...but I have to actually force myself to stay up that late. I am not a nap taker but I might have to become one in order to stay up a little later at night. But if that is the only thing I can complain about, then well, I won't complain. =)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Glucose worries

Around the 25th/26th week pregnant women are usually asked to get a glucose test done. I actually already went through this once around Month 3 because I was getting so big in the beginning and they figured it was either diabetes or gestational diabetes. My results came back negative then. I was a little nervous about this time around because diabetes runs very strongly in my family and I have a lot of similar traits to them. I had my test on Friday and just found out that everything is perfectly fine and I don't have diabetes. I am so relieved. For the past few days, everything I have put into my mouth I have worried that I could possibly be hurting the baby if it was too high in sugar. Apparently the baby can take it. =)

Just wanted to share my good news!

Week 26

This was my last week of the 2nd trimester. The idea of starting my 3rd and final (official) trimester is a little sad and scary. But, as many people remind me, there is no turning back now! (Not that I would ever dream of it!)

Not much happened this past week - just kicking and pushing. I did have a new thing happen on the 4th - I could see the baby's limb pushing out of my stomach. Not sure what limb it was but it was definitely there. My little girl is growing up. =)

Well, that is all I have for now for week 26!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July to everyone! Libby is my little firecracker for this year but next year she'll be able to watch them (or be scared like Mommy =))! It is hard to believe she'll be about 9 months by then!

Any any case, Happy 4th of July!!!