Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

TJ: 8 Months

My little boy.  He's really turning it a little guy.  I can totally see a difference between little girls and little boys.  He's my little ray of sunshine.  Almost always happy.  Really the one time he is fussy is when he is sleepy or really hungry during the middle of the night (which is getting slightly better but still exhausting!).  

Some big changes really happened in the last few weeks.  We left the daycare we have been at for 2.5 years.  TJ was a real stud about it and didn't even miss a beat.  Honestly, he seems to love it at the new daycare and the teachers are so wonderful with him.  He's already becoming more vocal and is just so darn happy when I pick him up now...and definitely more exhausted which might be why he's sleeping a little bit better at night.  One good thing is the separation anxiety, although here, hasn't hit at daycare yet.  He is absolutely content to cuddle with any one of his teachers and they seem to be more than willing to cuddle with him.  It's wonderful.

The other big news is TJ finally is ok with rolling!  The little turkey finally did it and that was the final straw with the swaddling.  Honestly, I think at the end he really wasn't enjoying it anymore and wanted to be "free".  We haven't swaddle for over a week now and it's going really well.  We still put socks on his hands cause the boy can't seem to leave his poor face alone.

We are still working on crawling.  He'll go backwards but honestly the boy wants to walk.  He loves to stand and will try to shuffle his feet.  I think he might skip crawling and just go to walking honestly.

Oh, and, I can't believe I am saying this but he's in 24 month clothes.  Comfortably.  I had to go out and buy him 3T (since the 2Ts really don't get us much extra room) for late summer when it gets super hot cause I know we maybe have 2 months left (if we are lucky) in these clothes.  I can't believe I am already buying him 3Ts!!

Over the next month, things should be interesting to watch.  We are going to be able to be outside more...which he absolutely loves so far.  When I get him into the stroller his arms/legs/feet go crazy and he just wants to go go go.  I can't wait to see him start to get really excited about certain things and showing preferences.  This summer is going to be AWESOME!!

And now to note some new things for this month:
  • talking more and more
  • rolling over (YAY!)
  • changing daycares - which I swear is the reason he is talking more and more
  • separation anxiety - someone must always be playing with him
  • puffs - he can't seem to pick them up but once you put it in his mouth he gets very excited!
  • no infant tub - since TJ is really sitting up 100% on his own now, I took away his infant tub in the bath.  He looked so uncomfortable cause he couldn't stretch out.  Now he just splashes and kicks and has such a good time.  He's my water baby and would stay in there all of the time if I let him!
and of course some of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks...

04.06.11 Just us (23)
04.06.11 Just us (5)
04.02.11 Tim & Kelly's visit (24)
04.08.11 Cool TJ
03.22.11 TJ (2)
03.19.11 TJ (4)