Sunday, January 25, 2009

Arts and Crafts

We're trying to avoid Libby watching TV so we went out and got her some crayons, markers, etc.


Libby loves soccer balls =)

Monday, January 19, 2009

15 Month Checkup

We had Libby's 15 month checkup today...for the second time. It was actually scheduled 2 weeks ago but she had such a nasty cold they didn't want to do the exam + shots. So today was the big day!! She has lost some weight and grew a TON! Actually, 1.5 inches to be a fact in the last 3 months. So that makes her stats:

Weight: 31lbs, 9oz
Height: 34 inches

Libby is definitely on the move -- as you can see from the many videos we have enjoyed putting him. She also has a large vocab and definitely loves to speak baby gibberish to us. Actually, she'll have an entire conversation with us and read to us in baby gibberish. We've also made a lot of progress with eating table foods. She even had pasta successfully for us on Saturday night. Now there is no stopping her!! =)

Some of Lib's favorite things are to...
  • have us read to her.
  • cuddle on the couch.
  • chase after Max.
  • play with Fozzie Bear.
  • dance along with music.
  • watch Handy Manny, Sesame Street or Imagination Movers.
  • taking a bubble bath.
  • cuddle with her blanket that Grandma Ski made her.
Cannot wait to see what the next few months bring!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

New TV Watching Trend

After Jim/Dad put Libby on his shoulders, this is now how she wants to sit to watch TV. I find it funny but I bet Jim's neck and ears won't!! (She likes to pull and pinch them)

Libby's first time on Daddy's shoulders (sort of)

Jim/Dad decided to put Libby on his shoulders for the first time...I think he is going to live to regret that. =)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Videos: YouTube and iPod

I've had iPod(s) - yes several - for awhile now. My lovely hubby got me a video/picture one a few Christmases ago but I haven't really taken full advantage of it yet. That is mostly due to me not understanding how to get videos in the right format to be on the stupid thing. Now that I store all of my precious pics of my kiddo on there, I figured it was time to find a way to add videos on there too. I hunted around for a few options out there but really didn't want to spend any money. Unfortunately that seems to be unavoidable. I did find some software that we did purchase and have really been happy with - Cucusoft YouTube Mate. It is only $24.95 and really gets the job done. I'm really happy with it and look forward to keeping the adorable videos with me at all times.

No more second hand?

I am not ashamed that I buy second hand clothes when I can. It saves money and seriously kids grow so fast they barely have time to ruin the clothes. I read a posting on one of the sites I am always looking at, Baby Cheapskate, that stated starting on Feb 10 a law goes into effect under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (summary info) that will prevent toys and clothes for kids 12 and under from being sold until they are tested for lead and chemicals used to create plastics. The LA Times article explains,
The law, aimed at keeping lead-filled merchandise away from children, mandates that all products sold for those age 12 and younger -- including clothing -- be tested for lead and phthalates, which are chemicals used to make plastics more pliable. Those that haven't been tested will be considered hazardous, regardless of whether they actually contain lead.
Now, I want my child to be safe. Trust me. But the idea of not being able to buy anything second hand from ebay, craigslist, consignment stores, etc. makes me really angry. Some people rely on this to get their children items and cannot afford to buy new items for everything.

The bill also includes homemade and new items too. To be allowed to sell these items, all sellers would be required to have the items tested in a private lab. That is quite costly for smaller businesses that cannot afford the steep prices and is causing a lot of them to close up shop. The larger retail shows that sell children items aren't really burdened as much. Honestly, I would guess that they could negotiate a price for bulk items. Smaller companies cannot do that.

As I watch companies being bailed out and everyone worrying about the economy, this bill is making it harder on businesses to stay afloat. I am not saying this bill isn't needed. But, instead of forcing the businesses to pay for our safety, can we not instead ask the government to assist in paying for this? Or make it effective as of now so that these businesses do not have to go under? I know the world isn't fair but this simply stinks. It hurts businesses and families that depend on these means as a way to get items for their children.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Chase

I cannot even is the funniest video yet. She just walked everywhere screaming and laughing...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Old is New

My parents gave me my old rocking chair from when I was little. Jim and I decided to bring it upstairs for Libby to play with last weekend. She loves it! Unfortunately, Libby cannot get into it but can get out very easily. She loves to watch TV while sitting in her 'big girl chair'..but she doesn't seem to get the rocking part much. Maybe soon. =)