Friday, December 28, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


no words...


My little man is...rediculous


So apparently I neglected to post a halloween post and pictures of the kids.  You know I took pictures of course cause I take a million of them per month.  So here we go, our very own spider girl and pirate!

Untitled Untitled

Christmas Lights

We decided to put Christmas Lights up on the house this year. We have sworn to do each year but this year we finally pulled the trigger. I wasn't home during the reaction of the kids seeing it but luckily, thanks to text I got to experience what happened:



Libby has always loved art projects. She has recently started making some REALLY awesome pictures and I wanted to share one of me / her that she created. Love this girl. Untitled Untitled

Christmas Time

Christmas time is here!  We are in full swing in the Ski Household and loving every minute of it.  We've decorated the tree and even have lights up on the house!  Oh yes, Christmas time is definitely here!

Untitled 12.02.12 Decorating the Tree (2) 12.01.12 Decorating the Tree (6)