Saturday, May 25, 2013

Swimming Lessons

We have started swimming lessons back up for the kiddos.  That's right - BOTH kids.  We're opting for private lessons this time and boy are they paying off for Libby.  She is really excelling!  These kids truly are sponges!


Yup - I said that right - Prom.  Libby's school/daycare is SO AWESOME that they host a prom for the two oldest classrooms each spring.  This year's was animal print themed so we luckily picked up an adorable dress at WDW this year.  Jim wasn't able to go so his Dad took over and did an awesome job.  Love those guys! 

Libby's class also performed a was so fun!  And it was similar to a "real" prom cause someone got sick, got a black eye, and there were fights...yup - totally a prom!

04.26.12 Goddard Prom (21) 04.26.12 Goddard Prom (19) 04.26.12 Goddard Prom (32)

Big Boy Bed

Ever since we got back from vacation where TJ slept with me and Libby every night, he won't sleep on his own.  After Jim was constantly walking around like a 90 y/o man from sleeping on the floor each night, we decided to get TJ his big boy bed and upgrade him from his toddler bed.  It has been really awesome and no more sore backs for Daddy!



We surprised the kiddos with a trip to Walt Disney World in April.  It was AMAZING!  They got to spend the night in a hotel on the way down...Libby was baffled that we would not only get a bed to sleep in but our own bathroom too.  I think we need to get her out more often!

Goodnight from GA! Breakfast then hitting the road!
We did the traditional (for my family) stop at the Florida state border for some fresh OJ and fun.  Yes - we drove.  No - we are not crazy.  I was surprised how awesome the kids were.  The trip down was a little hard on the first day due to traffic but the 2nd was AMAZING and fast. Florida Welcome Center Florida Welcome Center Florida Welcome Center Florida Welcome Center
When we finally arrived, we were pumped and had such a fun, fast 5 days there.

Here!!! Arrival! Aww
Everything was just awesome and I took sooooooooooo many photos and videos all located here.  It was really an unfortunately trip!


so obviously I am a little --- ok a lot --- behind on updating this site with news.  I am going to try to get back into the routine again so stay tuned with a ton of updates in upcoming posts!