Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Libby having fun with our curtains

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pretending in the Kitchen

Libby loves to pretend her kitchen is real


This is one of Libby's favorite things to do in our house. Good thing our layout is good for this!

When it rains, it pours

Apparently Jim and I don't believe in doing things one at a time. Any big change seems to happen all at once. Let me give you some updates on what has been happening in the Ski household since I haven't been very good about posting anything recently.

Jim has a new job. YAY! He is no longer a contractor at AB but is now a contractor at a furniture place in Clayton. The plan is for him to work there as a contractor until the hiring freeze is over there and then make him an employee. He just completed his second week there this week and is really enjoying it. The best perk he is able to work from home. If you know Jim, you know that is something he has always dreamed of being able to do. This is a great fit for him and our family!

And meanwhile, the house is still for sale. We haven't made any progress in selling it but are still hopeful. Everyone else around us is having good luck selling their homes so we're hoping we can hop on that train soon. We'll keep you guys posted.

Libby is still the center of our world. She keeps growing and developing more and more each day. Lib is now, unbelievably so, 21 months old. Next week Jim and I are planning to take a week off of work to just spend relaxing at home. During the time we are going to attempt potty training. I am not sure what to expect so I am expecting the worst so that I won't be disappointed if this is a complete failure. I'll blog our progress next week...maybe you all can give us tips or at least help me keep my sanity if it doesn't go well. =)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tickle Fight with Brian Christopher

Libby loves her some Brian Christopher =)

Warning: New Toys!

Just a warning that Jim and I have new toys in the house. We got iPhones so expect more flickr pictures, videos, and blog posts to be done here. I know, I know, we could do this the old fashion way but this is so much easier and well, I'm lazy. =)

Eating Habits

What do you do when your child is in between chairs? Libby doesn't really like to be in the high chair but does not want to use a booster. She prefers to just sit in a regular chair. Thank goodness she is so tall.

Oh, and lets not forget the activity table. Since it is the miniature version of her daycare's table where she eats and plays, she does like to sit there too. Hey, at least it is her size!


A friend introduced us to Jack's Big Music show. Knowing how much Libby loves to dance and music, we knew it would be a hit. If she isn't dancing, she's having Fozzie dance.