Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 28 Update

Jim and I had a lot to process from last Friday's appointment.  My main thing I wanted to avoid was bed rest.  Obviously I would do whatever allowed the baby to "cook" longer but I was dreading getting the labs back from all of the lovely tests I took over the weekend and Monday.  Today was the big day to go in and see the Dr to find out how I did.  Everything went really well.  My blood pressure was still a little high for normal people but for me, it was decent (especially recently)...and was a bit higher than what it had been at home.  You see, I have the "pleasure" of taking my blood pressure a couple of times daily and logging the readings.  It's fun and doesn't at all make me freak out more...not at all. =)  Actually it isn't that bad but it is always on my mind which defeats the point.  So I knew what to expect when I got into the Dr office today as far as my BP goes...the labs on the other hand I wasn't sure about.  Everything came back normal except for my platelets which were low.  The Dr explained that was normal in cases where preggo's BPs are higher.  I don't show any signs of toxemia or pre-eclampsia so no bed rest for me...yet.  She also explained that our new goal is to make it to 37 weeks.  So that could possibly knock of 2 weeks of "cooking".  There was also the warning of what the high risk Dr will be looking for.  He/She will be looking for whether TJ will be growing at the right rate over the next few weeks.  If he doesn't, then they will need to decide if he would do better out in the world versus in.  I'm not worrying about that...I cannot control that.  All I can do for now is to relax and stay at home and off my feet as much as possible.  So that's what I am doing.  I have my first appointment on Friday with the high risk Dr.  They are going to take another ultrasound of TJ.  I must admit I like getting to see him and I love the level of care we are getting.  Good Drs are awesome.  Just awesome.  More to come after Friday's appointment about how everything is going.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 27 Update

I'll start with the good news. We were lucky to be able to do another ultrasound because they were not able to capture all of the chambers of the heart from the 20 week ultrasound. The baby is doing great. He's breech. I wasn't shocked by this because I constantly feel his feet at my bladder. This doesn't matter much since we'll deliver via c-section. Oh, and he's huge. The doctor said out of 100 babies, only 8 would be larger than him. So my friend joked he'll be a linebacker. But he looks awesome and just did a fantastic job during the ultrasound...well, except letting us confirm he is indeed a boy.

Now on to the bad news. My 24 week appointment showed that my blood pressure was beginning to creep up. I had a few issues last week and even had to have a non-planned appointment with the Dr. They found that it was a bladder infection so luckily it wasn't a big deal but sadly that was the beginning of our troubles. Today my blood pressure was high. Not as high as my blood pressure got with Libby but considering my BP went from low to high in a few, I keep gaining weight quickly...the Dr is concerned. I am officially considered "high risk" and now have to go to a whole new set of Drs a couple of times each week. I kept it together pretty well while I was at the Dr's office but once I got to the car I allowed myself to break down for a few minutes. I needed to release it. I feel like I am a failure as a "host" to my babies. This one was going so much better and now they are talking about options from having me work from home full time to cutting back my hours to full blown bed TWENTY SEVEN WEEKS. I still have 12 to go before we are scheduled for delivery. I HAVE to make it until 36/37 weeks. I have to. So I will do whatever it takes but this was a big blow. I thought I was doing so well. So now I am trying to figure out what has changed. Unfortunately, I cannot think of a single thing. I am just so disappointed that my body cannot handle pregnancy. On the brighter side, this Dr does seem to believe me and my BP issues and are treating me like I am not doing anything wrong. It was awesome to have that support since last time I did not have that. I'm so glad I switched Drs. I'll keep you all updated on what happens from now on. This is gonna be a wild ride the last trimester. Here we go!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Picnik Love

Consider me in love.

STL Vampires?

That's right folks. We have vampires in St. Louis. Well, not really but it sure felt like it yesterday when I went to take my glucose test done. After I waited for the hour needed, I eventually was called back to get the blood drawn. I have "rolling veins" where my vein will be there one second and then the next it may disappear. I told my vampire that to warn her. She didn't listen. I'm not sure if she thought I just didn't think she could do her job or what...but I was the one that was hurt by her not paying attention. The vampire began trying to find a vein and eventually found one in my left arm. For a second or two it looks like everything was going to be fine but then I heard her grunting and felt sharp pains in my arm. Now, I have had a lot of blood work done but I still cannot watch while they do it. It creeps me out. So when I started to feel her moving the needle in the arm in hopes to find the vein again I knew I was doomed. So the vampire pulled the needle out and asked me if I was nervous. I explained calmly, "No. I am not nervous. I have a lot of experience with getting this done but 1) I have been sitting here for over a half an hour while 26 weeks pregnant and I have to use the restroom and 2) It kind of hurts a lot when you are rooting around in my arm WITH A NEEDLE. So she let me get up and use the restroom. When I returned, the vampire had another needle ready for me and went after my right arm. She jammed it in after saying she found an "ok" vein and then starting to move the need around AGAIN. She didn't get any blood out. AT. ALL. I was getting pretty irritated at this time because I knew my arms would be sore the rest of the day and we only had one vile barely 1/4 of the way filled with the rest of that one + another one to do still. Then she asked for my hand. There was no way on this planet I was letting her put a needle in my hand. I've done that before and it hurts beyond belief. I told her to try the right arm again because it is usually the one that cooperates better. Lets just say the vampire was not happy with me and she wanted me out of there. She tried again and was unsuccessful. Away she went to get another co-worker to help her pick a vein. She's "never had this happen before." All I can do is look down at my arms bleeding horribly now and sigh. In comes another vampire, the receptionist, who apparently can also draw blood. They began to argue about what was and was not a vein. At this point I put my head in my left hand and hear the new vampire say, "I'll just do it." Followed by the original saying, "But you don't know where the vein" AND JAM! Shooting pain. And then the vile was full and I left with the original one saying, "I hope we have enough blood to run this first test."

Needless to say I had bandages everywhere and now bruises everywhere. I just hope they had enough of my blood. Bad vampires.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sciatic huh?

For the past few nights I have had the worst time getting comfortable.  My lower back has been killing me and it was difficult to lay down without crying out in pain.  After waking up in pain every 30-45 minutes, I finally called the Dr today.  They believe it is sciatic nerve causing me fits.  Wikipedia says:

The sciatic nerve (also known as the ischiadic nerve and the ischiatic nerve) is a large nerve fiber in humans and other animals. It begins in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down the lower limb. It is the longest and widest single nerve in the human body

I agree it is the longest nerve in the body because when the pain starts it seems to go forever.  Sadly with this being the cause of my pain, this means there is nothing I can do to fix this other than muffle it with massages, heat, cold, and tylenol.  So, for the next 13 weeks I am just going to try to manage the pain.  The good news is the kiddo doesn't seem to be impacted...other than knowing his mom is a complete spaz.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance but this is beating me.  I think it is because of the lack of sleep.  If I can just get a little bit more, I know I can ignore this constant throbbing when I sit or lay down.  It's a good thing I don't sit much at work...oh wait.  *sigh*.  Three months to go! =)

Monday, May 10, 2010


I take a lot of pictures.  A lot.  Earlier this year I finally purchased a year's subscription to Picnik so I could have some fun editing photos...only I never really had time to do much with it.  I fell in love with this picture I took of Libby over the weekend playing at her grandparent's house.  I don't know why I love it so is "just" of her running but it sums up my little girl to me.  She's a free spirit.  So I had some fun with the images.  I had a good time with them. =)

05.09.10 Libby playing (4)

Attempt #1:
05.09.10 Libby playing (playing with picnik)

Attempt #2:
05.09.10 Libby playing - picnik v2

Altering Attempt #1:
05.09.10 Libby playing (playing with picnik)

Altering Attempt #2:
05.09.10 Libby playing - picnik v2

Ah, my little girl =)


That's my girl. A free spirit.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm not sure if they are nightmares but Libby has started her sleep. It started a few weeks ago and now seems to be a regular thing of once or twice a week. I'm not sure what is causing it but there is nothing like being woken up by your child screaming for you, you hurry to get up (or you get up as fast as you can while 25 weeks pregnant), and get inside her room to find her completely asleep with little tears coming down her face. It breaks my heart. I don't know what is causing this and all I can do is rub her arm/back, tuck her in completely, and softly tell her she's ok. Is this normal? It just is so hard to watch and I am a fixer. I have to fix this somehow but I don't know where to start. I thought it might be from letting her see movies like Bolt or Finding Nemo recently but that was weeks ago. If that did cause it, wouldn't it be out of her system by now? I dread the hours between 1-4AM because that is when she always has them. =(

Sleep Training

I didn't expected to get a lot of sleep with this pregnancy. I remembered with Libby how little I was getting towards the end. Honestly, I haven't a full, decent night's sleep since being pregnant with Libby 3 years ago. Not complaining because it is my own fault. =) In any case, I have recently had the "pleasure" of hip pain when I lay down. It started out really mild and I could take it but last night I could barely lay down without crying out in pain. Sadly, this makes the baby go insane because he knows his momma is not happy and begins to wiggle around. Yeah, that doesn't help AT ALL and makes it 10x's worse. I never had this with Libby. I pretty much think it is because she was so high and he is sooo low. I'm still getting used to the fact he's so low because it definitely makes for a completely different pregnancy. So I am counting this lack of sleep for sleep training when the baby is born. I am so far used to getting up every hour to use the restroom or roll over and then waking up at 3:00 or 3:30 AM to start my day. I'm ready kiddo - bring. it. on. =)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Purple Toes

Colors. Libby loves them. Fingernail/toenail polish specifically interests her. When she was little I couldn't wear fingernail polish because she wouldn't eat and would just stare at the colors. I painted my toes a few weeks back and Libby took notice.
05.01.10 feet
So when I went out this weekend I got her some special purple polish. On Saturday night I put towels everywhere and attempted to paint her toes. The first foot was a challenge. I don't know if it was just her getting used to the sensation or the fact she had to hold still but it wasn't working. The towel is covered with a lot of polish and we had to redo her first foot several times. It made me wish she didn't have two feet. =) We eventually got her to settle down and she loves them now. She tells everyone she can she has purple toes. I must admit...she looks a lot older with her little piggies painted but they will always be little piggies to me ;)

05.01.10 purple toes

Ice Cream Anyone?

Our little girl does not like sweets.  Seriously.  I don't know how she is mine.  Lately, though, we have been playing with this pretend ice cream cone.  She has become semi-obsessed with it.  We have never given her an ice cream cone...mostly because she isn't in love with ice cream.  I know.  It's odd.  In any case, with her recent obsession and the fact that we went to a Sweet Tomatoes last night, I decided it might be a good time to try out an ice cream cone.  Lets just say I can finally claim her.  She loved it. =)

and my favorite