Friday, March 30, 2012


The kids are so much fun.  They really make each day a little different and more interesting and fun.  TJ is 19.5 months olds now and Libby is 4.5 years.  Each are growing a little bit more each day and TJ is starting to try to talk in full sentences.  He has absolutely no problem telling us what he wants.  Libby is a little momma.  She loves taking care of everyone and is just the sweetest thing on the planet.  They are my pride and joys.

IMG_3554 v2 IMG_3601 IMG_3600


TJ loves the iPad.  He screams for it.  He runs for it.  He grabs it any time he can.  What would he do without it?

03.19.12 Family Night (3)


Well I finally got enough guts to cut my hair and give myself a grown up look. I like it a lot because I can still let it air dry and not have to spend the time blow drying it. Although, I like the look of it straight too so I might have to find time to do that soon :) Here are some pictures.



And every day look: