Sunday, February 17, 2013


My son has become obsessed with Spider-Man.  Neither my hubby or I know how this happened but every other word out of TJ's mouth is spider-man.  He has to wear something with him on it and/or watch an 80s cartoon series every second he can.  It is cute but...I don't know where it came from!!!  He even starts out his day asking for it after he asks for me, milk and a powered donut - in that order.  Priorities people!!

He starts his day asking for mom, milk, Spider-Man and a donut (and in that order)Tired spidey watching spidey


02.08.13 picnic

The Basement Era

We decided in order to not spend a ton of money on finishing our basement right now we would instead look into how to make it functional unfinished.  We looked into rugs and other methods but ultimately decided it would be best to carpet the area we wanted to make into a play area for the kiddos.  The carpet was installed on Thursday and we have pretty much spent every moment we are all awake down there.  I would say it is a hit :)

UntitledUntitledNot exactly what I had in mind!!Puzzle time!The art area has been moved from the kitchen to the basement ❤

Potty Training Woes

We are trying to find something to make TJ want to start potty training.  With Libby it was easy once we figured out when she was ready.  She just wanted to make a phone call to her Mimi or Grandma every time she went potty.  DONE!  With TJ, I noticed over Valentines Day the boy had a serious addiction to M&Ms.  So I got a bag in the hopes this could be our ace in the hole and get him to start at least sitting on the potty.  Not working yet but who knows!
Potty training bribes for TJ #donotjudgeme

Little Suckers

My kiddos LOVE suckers!

TJ wanted in on the action too and wanted his red cherry sucker tongue to be seenLibby's ring pop tongue

Half Marathon Recap: Week 5

I cannot believe it's only been 5 weeks.  The progress is just amazing!  I just feel so good running and don't think I look like as much of a dork anymore.  I do need to start going outside to get the feel of that very, very soon.  Here is my progress this week!  I cannot imagine going under 3 miles.  My attitude has just adjusted so quickly to this training schedule!

Day 1 (Sunday): 6 miles  OFF; I did my long run on Saturday
Day 2 (Monday): OFF; 2 miles @ 11:04 min/mile pace
Day 3 (Tuesday): 3 miles @ 11:41 min/mile pace (stomach bug! ugh)
Day 4 (Wednesday): 3 miles OFF
Day 5 (Thursday): OFF; 2 miles @ 11:18 min/mile pace (ran out of time for 3 miles)
Day 6 (Friday): 3 miles @ 11:25 min/mile pace
Day 7 (Saturday): OFF

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I am so lucky that these two are so close right now.  Sadly, I know it won't last forever but for now I am really enjoying it!!Race in my office!  I think I'll use this from now on to make all work decisions ;)Although not thrilled to get their picture taken, they are my sweetiesTesting out my new dry erase board for my office

Princess Libby

My kid's daycare/school is AMAZING.  This past week they celebrated their 25th birthday and spent the entire week doing different themes.  I think my girlie's favorite was the "Pirate/Princess Day".  She's so cute (not that I am biased).

Pirate and princess day at school.  My princess!

Health Scare of 2013

I do not get sick that often.  It is really surprising honestly with two kids.  In the middle of December I got a really bad cold and then laryngitis for almost 3 weeks.  About a month after I got this cold/laryngitis I started to get a painful stabbing pain in my left rib.  I went to see the Dr the 4th because I couldn't breathe w/o the pain and I was not sleeping due to it.  I was pretty sure I had hurt/bruised/broken a rib from coughing so severely but I needed to get it checked out.  He had an x-ray taken (my first ever!) and then did a series of blood work.  The x-ray came back clean (no broken rib) but my blood work showed a positive result for a blood clot.  So on Friday I had to go get a CT Scan.  That was an interesting experience but luckily I have great family that is there for me.  It came back clean and meant that it was a false positive for the blood clot.  YAY!  So we still aren't sure what is causing the pain but I am just trying to take it easy and not hurt my side worse.  I hate getting old!

Half Marathon Recap: Week 4

So this week was incredibly difficult due to health issues.  I will post more about that later but I am incredibly proud of how far I have come!!  I wasn't able to do one of my normal days on Friday so I will have to make up that time and I switched Sunday's long run (for today) with yesterday because I was nervous after taking 2 days off how that might effect me.  It definitely slowed me down on my pace but I still did 6 miles!  Bring on the running this week!

Day 1 (Sunday): 5 miles @ 11:30 min/mile pace
Day 2 (Monday): OFF
Day 3 (Tuesday): 3 miles @ 11:14 min/mile pace
Day 4 (Wednesday): 2 miles @ 10:53 min/mile pace

Day 5 (Thursday): OFF

Day 6 (Friday): 3 miles  OFF - Will make up the time on Monday
Day 7 (Saturday): OFF 6 miles @ 12:05 min/mile pace

Sunday, February 3, 2013


TJ had his first trip to the Dentist on Wed (1/30).  I was terrified because Libby was going in for a cleaning and then TJ was going to have a checkup with the Dentist (no cleaning on this trip).  I always have enjoyed going to the Dentist.  My parents chose a really awesome one for me growing up and I used him until I moved to STL.  I wanted the kids to have the same experience.  We chose a place that just caters to kiddos and it is just fabulous.  Libby was nervous the first couple of times but now she has absolutely no problems going.  TJ isn't scared of anything so I knew he would be ok but I was still nervous because that is just my nature.  He did great though and hammed/flirted it up with all of the ladies.  This time he got to stay with me but next time he goes solo back for an actual cleaning.  They are going to buddy Libby and TJ up next to each other to help TJ...I hope that works.   Until then I  have 6 months to worry/think about it :)

First time at the dentist
TJ waiting in the play area


My baby boy ❤


Libby's feet are big for her age.  She hates shoe laces.  You can see the trouble.  The past year I have been begging her to get shoes with laces and trying to explain how much better it would be.  She finally gave in yesterday and we got her first pair of shoes with laces.  So excited!!!  Oh and she also thought she could already tie shoes because, and I quote, "I learned how by watching Blues Clues".  Oh boy.  I cannot wait till she is 16 and thinks she can drive a car because she watches us or someone else do it.  Yikes.  Volunteers to teach her? :)

New shoes and after a year of begging we FINALLY have ones with laces!

Half Marathon Recap: Week 3

This week I suffered MAJOR burn out.  I hit a freaking wall.  I realized on Wed night something was really wrong cause I just could barely even make a half mile without wanting to die.  What happened to me?!  Then I realized I had worked out 7 days in a row without a break.  So I took Thursday off and went back to it on Friday and did an easy 2 miles at a decent pace (for me) and could have done more if I had more time.  So I think that was my problem.  We'll see this week!!  Here is what happened last week.

Day 1 (Sunday):  4 miles @ 12:02 pace
Day 2 (Monday):  OFF  2 miles @ 10:33 pace
Day 3 (Tuesday):  2 miles @ 11:30 pace
Day 4 (Wednesday): 2 miles @ 11:06 pace ; 1 mile @ 12:05 pace (a woman was showing me up, and I couldn't have that ;))
Day 5 (Thursday):  OFF
Day 6 (Friday): 3 miles @ 11:09 pace
Day 7 (Saturday):  OFF

And since I started this, I have dropped 17 lbs and 2 pant sizes.  Very, very happy with my progress so far :)

This week will be harder because I am going to have to start working out more at night cause I cannot squeeze the workout in my time before work.  This is when it gets hard on ME because I don't want to leave my kiddos.  Must. remain. focused.