Sunday, March 13, 2011

All Girl

My girl likes to get dirty while wearing tutus.  But what she really likes to do is pose for pictures.  Which is great because I need the practice in getting used to my new camera.

03.08.11 Libby posing (2)

03.08.11 Libby posing (4)_edited-1

03.11.11 Libby (2)

TJ: 7 Months

I am determined not to wait so long to do the 7 months write up. =)  I am only a couple of days late this time around. The past month has really been about developing gross motor skills and personality.  Oh, and not allowing us to sleep. TJ can now sit and play with his sister, get very upset when a toy is taken away or rolls away, and plays/laughs whenever anyone does anything even remotely funny.  One thing he is lacking is the ability to sleep.  It started about at 6 months and unfortunately carried over into this month.  We had hoped it was teething but now we are sure it isn't.  I had the Dr check his ears this past weekend even just to double check that it wasn't an ear infection...she said no and that it was probably just separation anxiety.  Great.  That's not an easy fix but I remember going through this with Libby too.  I know it'll pass.  The good, late breaking development is that TJ has declared a love for a blanket.  Maybe it'll help him sleep through the night.  It definitely helps him go to sleep at nap time!

I've given up on him rolling over.  I know he can and just doesn't want to.  You want to know how I know?  He rolls 90% over, looks at me, grins in his adorable TJ man way, and then rolls back.  Now tell me he isn't doing that on purpose?  He's getting closer to crawling.  I am 99% sure he won't be a butt scooter like his sister.  He can twist and turn like a mad man on the floor to get what he wants and his knees are definitely attempting to set up for crawling.  I guess it is just a matter of time now!

One thing that seems to be consistent is his size.  On Saturday he weighed in at 26lbs but that was after solids + a 6oz bottle so that isn't entirely fair.  I haven't measured him and we won't go back officially for measurements until 9 months (May), so I don't know how much taller he is but I have a hard time carrying him around now cause he's so long.  Oh and oh so strong.  I'm going to predict once that boy can crawl/walk won't want to be cuddled by his momma anymore.  He's already fighting it unless he is sleepy.  Sigh.  It's going too fast.

A positive note was I got a new camera a few weeks back so I can take some really great shots of him now.  So stay tuned!  Here is just a preview of some of my favorites from the past few days.

03.11.11 TJ (10)

03.11.11 TJ

03.12.11 Adorable TJ (3)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


While I haven't formally posted about it, those of you that look at our family's pictures may have noticed something different about our girlie.  She now has glasses.  I started noticing in December that one of her eyes intermittent went inward and took her to the eye dr in early February.  He confirmed that she was far sighted and had a form of lazy eye.  So we are trying out glasses and hoping they work vs going the surgery route.  This whole experience was very hard on me because I didn't want her to have to grow up this fast.  Now she has to be responsible enough to take care of something at 3 years old.  I have to say that she is doing incredibly well with them.  Plus, she looks pretty darn cute!  The next step is a follow up in June to see if they have 1) helped any and 2) if they are working.  The hope is that they will correct her eyes and build the muscle over time and she won't have to wear glasses forever.  My hope is that the glasses work and anything about that is great, but I just don't want her to have to have surgery.

02.17.11 Hello Kitty! (2)


I got a new computer and webcam this past week and we decided to try it out.  It was the first time we have actually all been in a photo together so it's really special to me.  I just wish it was better quality.  In any case, it is my favorite picture of the year so far!

03.05.11 Family!

TJ: 6 Months

So I am almost a month behind in posting TJ's 6 month info.  Sorry!!  It's been a crazy month.  In any case, TJ is definitely 6 months and his personality is developing more and more each day.  Teeth were the new thing this month.  I gotta say - we are not big fans of teething in our household.  It is impacting every aspect of our lives ... mostly because we are losing so much sleep to it!  The fun part of this past month, thought, is watching the relationship blossom between TJ and Libby.  They are, at this point in time, best friends.  TJ worships the ground she walks on and Libby, well, she likes running the show and having a captive audience.

I have to say 6 months is really my favorite.  Any month after this is just icing on the cake.  It was my favorite month with Libby too.  Their likes/dislikes seem to shine through.  He's also interacting more and more with the world around him and is loving life.


  • Weight: 24lbs 1oz
  • Length: 28 inches


  • Food
  • Pulling hair
  • Putting his fingers up your nose or in your eye
  • Baths
  • Playing with his sister
  • Sitting up - not a fan of laying down
  • Chair dancing - he wiggles down!
  • Talking
  • Paper - give him something crinkly and he will be content for quite some time
  • Singing - he loves music soooo much


  • Not getting fed fast enough
  • Suctioning his nose
  • Medicine
  • Shots

New Milestones:

  • Sitting up
  • More solid foods - Moved to Stage 2 and loving it!
  • Reaching for things - he could always reach for items but now when he sees something he wants, he goes after it with all his might

02.02.11 TJ sitting up (2)