Monday, February 28, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


TJ LOVES hair. A lot.  Lucky for him, his sister has a lot of it.  It's not so lucky for her...although she seems to find it funny when he gets it.  Watch this hair pulling event take place...

02.06.11 TJ & Libby (15)

uh oh - hair has been spotted

02.06.11 TJ & Libby (13)


02.06.11 TJ & Libby (11)

post grab

02.06.11 TJ & Libby (12)

you won't get me twice!

02.06.11 TJ & Libby (10)


This past weekend we celebrated my sister, brother and my birthdays.  We actually spent the whole weekend with my parents and the kiddos got some quality time with them.  Of course I had my camera with me and wanted to share a few of my absolute favorite shots.

02.19.11 Lamberts (8)

02.19.11 Libby and Grandma (3)

02.19.11 Lamberts (3)

Monday, February 21, 2011

6 Month Comparison

I know I still owe a "6 month" update on TJ...but until then here is Libby vs TJ at 6 months.  TJ is bigger than Libby by 0.5lbs and 0.5inches.  Too cute!

02.02.11 TJ sitting up (2)
4.16.08 Big Girl (10)   VS.