Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just add water

What is it about water that makes kids so happy?  You can do anything and just add water and it is a totally different activity!  We recently added a mister in our back yard for the kids to play in.  They really flock to it when we go to the zoo so why not add it at home?  Turns out they love it and got a little more drench than expected :)

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Mother's Day / Father's Day

The kids' daycare always does something really sweet for the parents on their respective day (Mother's Day/Father's Day).  This year, TJ's teachers asked us to take pictures with him individually.  You can see he didn't want to cooperate for either one :)  My goodness how cute is he though??
Untitled 05.21.12 Father's Day Picture for School (1)


Libby doesn't get to see her cousin Mason enough but when they do get to see each other, they make it count.