Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hair Stories

Libby has gorgeous hair. I'm not saying that because I am her Mom but because she does. She has a great mix of my thick hair and Jim's color/curl. Sadly, she gets my tangles with it being so thick. She absolutely hates for me to do her hair so I have a daily battle with her. She has a favorite toy she calls "monster" and we call "grumbelina" that has braids. I actually talked her into letting me braid her hair and the result...adorable. So thank you little pink monster! We even let her look in the mirror to see how cute it was (and how it wasn't in her face and didn't hurt to do)...then we couldn't get her away from the mirror!

03.30.10 braids

03.30.10 braids

03.30.10 braids

03.30.10 braids

Birthday Fun

Monday was Jim's birthday...his 35(!) to be exact. He asked for a homemade cake and I "forced" myself to make it. For those of you that don't know me that well, I LOVE to bake and try not to do it often since I want to be able to fit through doorways. So the plan was to make the cake on Saturday and then let Libby decorate it as a surprise. Saturday was a bit more action packed than I had planned so Libby didn't get to decorate it until Sunday morning.

03.28.10 Libby getting ready to decorate Daddy's birthday cake

At first she didn't get it but once I brought out the sprinkles she was very excited. She is ALL about sprinkles. The cake is a bit...crunchier than normal. But her Daddy loves it just the same. =)

03.28.10 Libby's finished masterpiece of her daddy's birthday cake

Friday, March 19, 2010

Boy or Girl?

We'll know if Baby Ski is going to be a boy or girl in less than 2 weeks. I added a poll to the right most portion of the site. What do you think? Given the fact that EVERYONE I know (with the exception of 1 couple) that has found out the gender of their baby are having boys, I am assuming we will follow the trend. Is there any truth to trends?