Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010


We got the all clear from the Dr on Friday to start giving TJ cereal.  Day 1 was pretty much what I figured it would...a photo op. =)

12.18.10 First Cereal with my helper

12.18.10 First Cereal (3)
The second day (today) went sooooooooo much better.  I made it a bit thicker and make sure it was warmer.  I couldn't believe how  much he was eating.  I am just so impressed!!  2 weeks of this and then bring on the baby food!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby Burrito

12.16.10 TJ (6)
Originally uploaded by Holly Mroczkowski.
I love my little baby burrito sooooooooooooooo much!

Friday, December 17, 2010

TJ: Four Months

Well, another month has flown by.  The difference between this month is HUGE.  TJ honestly looks like he could just walk to someone or at the very least crawl to you.  He is not your average 4 month old in size.  In fact, I just had to get rid of all of his 3-6 month clothes and bump him up to the next size.  Some of the 6-12 month clothes already barely fit him.  He's very long and very strong.  I finally gave up on his 6 month sleepers because he kicked so hard the other night, he unsnapped all of the bottom snaps on his legs.  I guess he wanted his legs out? =)  

He is the best sleeper I have ever seen.  He normally goes from 6pm-6am now and it is abnormal to get up at 2-4AM now to feed him.  It's INSANE but we love it of course. =)

Feedings are getting more regular.  He is consistently eating 7-8 ounces every 3-5 hours.  We're going to start him on cereal this month since he is so interested in watching us eat.  I can't wait to see what he does with this!  I think he'll enjoy it.   Now on to the stats!

Weight:  20lbs 9 oz
Length: 27.5 inches


  • Baths
  • Flying
  • Tickles/Kisses
  • Talking
  • Standing
  • Talking
  • Bouncing
  • Talking
  • Watching EVERYTHING - he is soooo nosy!
  • Did I mention talking?


  • Diaper changes
  • Not being fast enough on making his bottles

...should be able to:

  • on stomach, lift head up 90 degrees - check!
  • laugh out loud - check! So cute!
  • follow an object in an arc about 6 inches above the fact for 180 degrees  - check!  
...will probably be able to:
  • hold head steady when upright - check!
  • on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms - check!
  • grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers - check!
  • pay attention to an object as small a raisin - check!
  • reach for an object - check!
  • squeal in delight - check!
...may possibly be able to:
  • keep head level with body when pulled to sitting - check!
  • roll over (one way) - not yet but I can tell he's trying
  • turn in the direction of a voice - check!
  • say "ah goo" or similar vowel-consonant combinations - check!  He talks non-stop!
  • razz (make a wet razzing sound) - check!
...may even be able to:
  • bear some weight on legs when held upright - check!  he looks like he can just take off
  • sit without support - not yet.  I am not sure how close we are to this.  some days are better than others
  • object if you try to take a toy away - check!
  • turn in the direction of a voice - check!
And some of my favorite pictures that I have taken lately:

12.09.10 first time in jeans

12.01.10 TJ in his straight jacket

12.01.10 TJ at 16 weeks

and my favorite video right now

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello Toy!

12.12.10 TJ playing
Originally uploaded by Holly Mroczkowski.
I'm not sure why I love this photo so much but it pretty much sums up my growing boy. Maybe it's because he is looking at it trying to figure out what it is and whether he can shove it in his mouth? =)

Sparkly Cookies

Libby loves sprinkles.  A lot.  So when I had her decorate cookies yesterday I knew what to expect.  She's so careful about putting them on.

12.12.10 Libby decorating cookies (3)

...and on...

12.12.10 Libby decorating cookies (2)

...and on...

12.12.10 Libby decorating cookies

And even though they have a TON of sprinkles, they are very very yummy.  And yes, very very sparkly.

12.12.10 libby's cookies (2)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Libby meets Santa

Some might call us bad parents.  Some might call us smart but we have never taken Libby to the mall to have her sit on Santa's lap.  I've seen too many bad scenarios come out of it.  However, her daycare held a "Lunch with Santa" yesterday and we knew we needed to have Libby officially meet Santa.  I wasn't able to be there but Jim took her and they had a blast.

She was so excited.

12.11.10 Lunch with Santa and DCC

They made crafts

12.11.10 Lunch with Santa and DCC (4)

And then came the main event - to meet Santa.

12.11.10 Lunch with Santa and DCC (12)

She did great!  Jim said she was hesitant at first and required her Daddy to stay with her...but by the end she was showing him her Santa Bow and they were BFFs.  How fun!!  Unfortunately, they gave her a candy cane and now she is obsessed with them and we are obsessed with cleaning up the sticky messes they produce!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No longer clones?

In one short month, I no longer think TJ and Libby look alike.  What do you think?  This is Libby (top) at 4 months and TJ (bottom) at 16 weeks (almost 4 months)

1.26.08 Valentines Day Outfit (11)

12.01.10 TJ at 16 weeks