Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not in Kansas Anymore

We're still adjusting to living in the county from the city. This week proved to us we no longer live on a busy street. Each morning I go up around 6:45am to get Libby up and look out the window. This is my way of knowing the forecast since I do not trust the weather people on the news. I was shocked to see NINE deer behind our house in the yard behind ours. I immediately started screaming for Jim...which is NOT a good idea when you are pregnant but it still got him up pretty fast. The deer were beautiful and have been back several times over the past few days so it must be a good spot for them. Libby thinks they are big dogs. We are definitely not on Delmar anymore!

02.17.10 Deer in our Backyard

02.17.10 Deer in our Backyard (2)

02.17.10 Deer in our Backyard (3)


Libby doesn't completely understand catch. It's more like she plays herself...with people around. This is a video of her playing her version of catch with my Mom, brother (Brad), and my parent's two dogs --- who probably were the only ones besides Libby that really enjoyed the game.

Riding Around

We went outside yesterday to enjoy the lovely weather and the neighbor kids found us. There were four of them in 2 jeeps. One, Noel, was nice enough to give Libby a ride - terrifying us that a 5 year old had our daughter in a motorized vehicle. Libby LOVED it but then tried to make a break for it mid way through. It turns out, she just wanted to chase it around (and did so for the next 10 minutes or so).

She really did have a good time with it though!

02.20.10 Riding in a  neighbor's jeep (2)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010


No one warns you that with your second child you won't be able to do as much with the first kiddo. Most of my evenings are spent laying on the couch watching my hubby play with kiddo #1 or napping. I used to be able to wrestle and have a fun time with I just can't. I hate having these limitations. I didn't really think about that when we talked about trying for kiddo #2. Luckily I am starting to have more energy but still cannot wrestle with kiddo #1. It makes me sad. I realized the other day that I am missing months and months of quality wrestle time with her. So I was determined to figure out alternatives of things to do. Luckily, Libby loves crafts - LOVES THEM. So I bought some more things to do with her that doesn't involve physical harm to me, kiddo #2 in my belly, and her. So now we have new play-doh, cookie cutters and other random items to use with the play-doh, and stamps. Oh the stamps. This kid has been begging for them for months. Seriously, months. I'm not kidding. So now she has some of her very own. We spent nearly an hour playing with them this morning. It was really great. She was happy and so was I. Finally, I found a way around my limitations (ahem, exhaustion). So thank goodness for her love of crafts!