Thursday, September 4, 2014


So somehow time keeps ticking by.  My son is 4.  FOUR!  We still continue to struggle with things like potty training --- although in the last month he has made so much progress I can almost see the finish line.  He started a pre-k room a few weeks ago and the difference it has made.  Oh my word.  The teacher is amazing.  The curriculum is perfect for him.  He even wrote his own name by  himself today.  I had no idea he could do that!!  Oh! And his temper has calmed down so much too.  It wasn't like he had a horrible temper but now he seems to recognize when he's getting upset and calm himself down.  I am so proud of him and am a complete believer that every kid has a different style to connect/learn and you just have to find the right one for him or her.  Nothing is bad or wrong with that - they just aren't all cookie cutter.  This one is absolutely, 100% working for TJ and I am just one proud momma!!  Can't wait for the next few months to see what happens next!

IMG_3564.JPG My BABY did this!  It may not look like much to you but it's so special to me because he's never been interested in this stuff and he's thriving in Pre-K!  So so so blessed he's found an environment to be the little guy I know he can be!