Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our Princess

The school/daycare that Libby and TJ goes to holds a "prom" for the 2 oldest Pre-K rooms each spring.  This was Libby's first time going and the theme was Princesses and Pirates.  Aside from the little boys all having swords and chasing each other, it was beyond adorable and fun.  It made me flash forward to when Libby will go to school dances.  All of the girls would squeal and check each other's dresses out.  Then they would bop and dance together in circles while the boys all hung out together until a girl dragged them out into the middle to dance with them.  The moms stood around with their eyes sparkling from a little tear knowing the kids are growing up too fast.  The dads thought their wives were insane.  It was one of the most adorable, fun evenings we have gotten to have with our little princess - who HAD to be Cinderella of course.  I can't wait to see what is in store for next year's prom!
04.27.12 Prom (13) 04.27.12 Prom (11)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Future Cardinal?

TJ discovered a baseball bat at Mimi and PopPop's house this past week and during the egg hunt today, he wouldn't let it go.  In fact, he totally missed the egg hunt (his first ever to participate in) and just ran around with the baseball bat.  Will he always be interested in baseball or is he just interested in the destruction it can cause?

04.07.12 Easter Egg Hunt (63) 04.07.12 Easter Egg Hunt (50)