Sunday, May 20, 2007

Week 19: Review

Well I finally buckled down and but a ton of maternity clothes. The belly is very obvious now and 'normal' clothes were not working.

Not much else happened this week. My sister managed to track down her very own machine to hear the baby's heartbeat so we got to have my parent's listen to Erin's baby and mine last weekend. That was a truly awesome Mother's Day present for everyone involved!! I must say that once I learned we could get one of these machines on our own I made it my mission to find one. There are lots available and they vary in quality but for now we are not getting one. They are pretty cool though. =)

You know certain woman just look absolutely gorgeous pregnant? And just as happy as can be? My sister is one of those people. Each time I see her I am amazed how absolutely wonderful she looks!! In just two weeks, her belly has grown so much. I cannot wait to see my little niece/nephew this fall. =)

This coming week is the big week of hopefully knowing if 'it' is a boy or girl. So stay tuned. If you don't want to know, I'll try to post it where you won't be able to easily tell. =)


ireps said...

i can send you mine! we never figured out how to use it properly but it was fun trying. let me know!

Holly said...

Really? that would be awesome!! My sister's worked pretty well considering we had no idea what we were doing!