Sunday, June 1, 2008

8 Month Review

Libby turned 8 months on 5.26! Ahh!! We officially have her on a schedule. It is really nice to know when she is going to eat and roughly when she will take a nap. She still isn't consistently sleeping through the night but we have had a few wonderful nights of her sleeping all the way through.

Here is the recap of everything else =) :

  • Peas and Applesauce ---- mixed together! EWW!
  • This yellow/orange monkey thing that Aunt Erin, Uncle Adam, Zoe gave her.
  • Peekabo - especially in Mommy or Daddy's arms
  • This little star thing in her crib - she pulls the chain and it plays "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". I officially hate the song now because it is what wakes me up in the morning.
  • Hugs - she likes to give and receive them!
  • Lady Bug Book - It's this cute book that her cousin Zoe has and we picked up a the Zoo. It is awesome!
  • Furry toy that moves (aka, Max the Cat)
  • Tickling under her arms! So fun!
  • Mommy's Teddy Bear (don't judge me!) - she loves to wrestle the bear and totally wins!
  • Pureed Meat - EWW! Cannot blame her
  • Eating solid foods when Daddy feeds her...only eats well when Mommy feeds her. Daddy is awesome when it comes to the bottle!
  • Being hot - it is going to be a LONG summer.
  • Puffs - she chokes/gags on them but still wants them. Definitely my daughter. =)
Should be able to:
  • Bear some weight on legs when held upright - check!
  • Feed self a cracker- check! well, puffs =)
  • Rakes with fingers an object and pick it up in fist- check!
  • Turn in the direction of a voice - check!
  • Looked for a dropped object - check!
Will probably be able to:
  • Pass a cube or other object from one hand to the other - check!
  • Stand holding on to someone or something - check! Not very well but she can do it =)
  • Object if you try to take a toy away- check!
  • Work to get a toy that's out of reach- check!
  • Play peekaboo- check! It's one of her favorites!
  • Get into a sitting position from stomach - no =( not yet!
May possibly be able to:
  • Creep or crawl - She can definitely creep. She can back up really well =)
  • Pull up to standing position from sitting - nope!
  • Pick up tiny object with any part of thumb and finger - check!
  • Say "mama" or "dada" indiscriminately - check! Well, Mama but not "Dada"
May even be able to:
  • Play patty-cake (clap hands) or wave bye-bye- nope! I'm working on getting her to clap her hands
  • Walk holding on to furniture- oh no not yet thank goodness. =)
  • Stand alone momentarily- check! It's crazy! She can do it for about 5-10 seconds
  • understand "No" (but not always obey it)- check! (at least I think so - Daddy doesn't know what to say about this =))

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