Saturday, December 13, 2008

Injury after Injury

Libby is officially a toddler and with that comes injuries. I always thought about it theoretically, you know? Oh, kids are going to fall because they are learning to walk but it is so different when it is your child falling. Our day care is wonderful and call us about anything and everything around Libby - the good and the bad. Lately, unfortunately, it has been focusing more on the bad - falling. Thursday afternoon her teacher called me to tell me Libby had another bad fall. This one seemed worse than the other 3 or 4 they have called me about over the last few weeks since she has officially been walking 99% of the time. They assured me that everything was fine but had to tell me. So, I assumed everything was ok until I picked her up and saw a giant black and blue welt on her right side of her head. She squealed when she saw me and when I picked her up she told me in very eerily plain baby gibberish that I understood what had happened to her. Libby kept pointing to the bookshelf where she tripped and fell into, then her head, said "Ow" and "Boom", and then pointed to all of the kids. I didn't even need the teachers to tell me more...Libby explained everything and then the teachers explained to me that I need to watch her for a possible concussion. So Jim and I were worried all night about her but she was fine! Libby's a tough cookie I have to say. You would never know she was in any pain...everything was normal for her that night. Then yesterday, Friday, she tipped over again. So, I ask everyone reading this - why hasn't there been some kind of aparatus created to surround these kids in pillows? I am thinking about taking back her Christmas present that Jim and I got her and getting her a helmet instead!

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