Monday, March 23, 2009

Vocabulary and Attitude

Libby’s vocab is exploding. Everyday there is a new word and sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes a bad. She’s doing really well with full sentences and what she lacks in vocab she makes up for with an attitude. We pretty much know what she does and does not want to do now. Usually the things she wants to do go much smoothly and without as many tears. =) Have you ever seen a Charlie Brown cartoon where when something goes wrong the character will hang his or her head down and a sad song is played in the background? Well, that’s my kiddo…only with a bottom lip that sticks out and tears. It doesn’t matter how simple the thing is, this routine is usually what happens. The latest thing that causes this to happen is not letting her walk under the table. She just looooves to do this even though she’s getting to tall and could scrape her head on the metal items on the bottom of the table. Of course, you cannot reason with an 18 month old!!

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