Saturday, August 15, 2009

We did it!!

Well, we have officially, as of last Thursday, moved into our new house! YAY! We love it here. I never realized that we were on top of each other in the old house but apparently we were. Now we can be on different floors and not hear the people on the opposite floors. CRAZY!

My main concern with moving is how Libby would react. She's doing a lot better than I expected. The first couple of nights she woke up scared but after that she was fine. Her new room is twice as big as her old room so we were able to put some of her toys in her room. Now she insists on putting every single stuffed animal in her crib before she goes to bed. Seriously. And she has a lot too.

So all is good in the Ski household now. =) We're trying to get completely settled now but it isn't too hard....we're really content here!

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