Sunday, December 12, 2010

Libby meets Santa

Some might call us bad parents.  Some might call us smart but we have never taken Libby to the mall to have her sit on Santa's lap.  I've seen too many bad scenarios come out of it.  However, her daycare held a "Lunch with Santa" yesterday and we knew we needed to have Libby officially meet Santa.  I wasn't able to be there but Jim took her and they had a blast.

She was so excited.

12.11.10 Lunch with Santa and DCC

They made crafts

12.11.10 Lunch with Santa and DCC (4)

And then came the main event - to meet Santa.

12.11.10 Lunch with Santa and DCC (12)

She did great!  Jim said she was hesitant at first and required her Daddy to stay with her...but by the end she was showing him her Santa Bow and they were BFFs.  How fun!!  Unfortunately, they gave her a candy cane and now she is obsessed with them and we are obsessed with cleaning up the sticky messes they produce!

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