Sunday, March 6, 2011


While I haven't formally posted about it, those of you that look at our family's pictures may have noticed something different about our girlie.  She now has glasses.  I started noticing in December that one of her eyes intermittent went inward and took her to the eye dr in early February.  He confirmed that she was far sighted and had a form of lazy eye.  So we are trying out glasses and hoping they work vs going the surgery route.  This whole experience was very hard on me because I didn't want her to have to grow up this fast.  Now she has to be responsible enough to take care of something at 3 years old.  I have to say that she is doing incredibly well with them.  Plus, she looks pretty darn cute!  The next step is a follow up in June to see if they have 1) helped any and 2) if they are working.  The hope is that they will correct her eyes and build the muscle over time and she won't have to wear glasses forever.  My hope is that the glasses work and anything about that is great, but I just don't want her to have to have surgery.

02.17.11 Hello Kitty! (2)

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