Sunday, May 15, 2011

TJ: 9 Months

I thought this went fast with Libby.  It is nothing compared to how fast time flies with your 2nd.  TJ is such a fun, happy baby and it's such a joy to watch him develop each day.  He's so sociable...we didn't have that with Libby.  Although we are reaching the stage with stranger anxiety.  Honestly, if you just smile, coo at him, and tell him how cute/sweet he is, he will be completely comfortable with you.  We have had a few bad drop offs lately at daycare.  Honestly, I think that was because he had to stay at home with me for almost a week due to a double ear infection that just would not go away.  We tried 3 kinds of antibiotics and ended up with a med-cocktail of antibiotic, ear drops and steroids.  That's right - I had to give my almost 9 month old steroids for an ear infection. =(  The good news is it worked!  The bad news is we can't keep doing that if he continues to get sick with ear infections.  The Dr said we can give it one more time to see if the antibiotics work by themselves at his next ear infection (if it is occurs), but then we'll be off to see the ENT about tubes.  I am trying to avoid that at all costs if I can...but I also want what is best for him so we will do whatever.

In happier news, TJ is having table foods!  Like a rock star!  I mean we always joked that he wanted a steak and potato versus the mushed up baby food...but seriously on day 1 of telling the daycare to go for it, he had a ham & cheese sandwich and green beans.  Inhaled them.  I guess I was holding him back.  Not anymore!  He won't eat much at home but at least he is trying things at daycare.  

Now that the ear infection has gotten better, sleeping as improved too.  He's not eating near as much during the night and only gets up once between 11-3 and then that's it and he's good to go until breakfast at 8.  At least, until I publish this and totally jinx it.

Crawling is still not happening but we're working on it.  I still think he is going to walk before he crawls and just bypass that step/milestone.  He sure does love to stand and is getting so good at it!  We're working on pulling up but we've got awhile to go.  He's a big boy so that is pretty hard.  TJ is doing awesome at trying to bring himself up from laying down to a sitting position though.  That's really my next focus - although I'm not sure I want him to do that because changing this squirmy boy is already hard enough!

Oh and he loves saying, "so big" or just celebrating anything at all.  Take a look at this adorable video from last night.

So for those keeping track at home, TJ is now 31 inches long and 29lbs 7.5 oz after a VERY hefty breakfast.  I really think he's closer to mid to upper 28lbs...but we'll count that since that's what they have.  In any case, he's the size of a 2 y/o and I love every inch/roll of him!

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