Sunday, March 3, 2013

Half Marathon Recap: Weeks 6 & 7

So I forgot to post about last week's running.  I am still running so don't take my forgetfulness as not discontinuing :)  Although, I do have an update on that...but for now, here is the recap:

Week 6:
Day 1 (Sunday): 7 miles @ 11:30 min/mile pace (NO WALKING!!!)
Day 2 (Monday): OFF
Day 3 (Tuesday): 4 miles @ 11:27 min/mile pace
Day 4 (Wednesday): 3 miles @ 10:59 min/mile pace
Day 5 (Thursday): OFF
Day 6 (Friday): 4 miles @ 11:37 min/mile pace
Day 7 (Saturday): OFF   Week 7: Day 1 (Sunday): 8 miles 7 miles @ 11:51 min/mile pace - Couldn't do it and got really, really sick
Day 2 (Monday): OFF
Day 3 (Tuesday): 4 miles @ 11:22 min/mile pace
Day 4 (Wednesday): 3 miles @ 11:18 min/mile pace
Day 5 (Thursday): OFF
Day 6 (Friday): 4 miles 3 miles @ 10:29 min/mile pace - Ran out of time!
Day 7 (Saturday): OFF

So you can see I'm keep on running but I got super sick last Sunday with my run.  My body just gave out and up things it shouldn't have.  Part of this is because most of my runs are in the evenings now and I am working a million hrs.  I am having struggling fitting time in for my family and it is stressing me out.  Plus, I am not sleeping.  So it is no wonder my body is rebeling!! 

So now onto my update...I am not going to be able to make the April run.  It is my own fault due to being an idiot.  Soo...I am out of the running (ha! get it?) for the April race unfortunately.  I am not stopping the running though.  I just won't do such long runs going forward.  I'll be ready by the October one though!! So This will be my last post for now about the half marathon training...until July when I start up again :)

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