Thursday, February 20, 2014

Introducing MILO!!

I am so behind that I am just going to forget the stuff that I haven't talked about here and start fresh :)  So a few weeks ago, I got to play with this gorgeous dog at Cooper's doggie daycare.  I suddenly got the itch for a new dog for Cooper to play with at home.  Of course I had an obstacle to deal with - my husband.  He isn't exactly a fan of dogs (or any animals) in our home so the thought of him letting me get a 2nd dog was laughable.  I briefly mentioned it and then continued to bug him daily for the next few weeks.  Ultimately I would not have done anything without his blessing because I learned my lesson with Cooper...but boy was I hoping he would change his mind and I could call it a birthday present.  And that's just what happened!  One Sunday morning I was doing my daily bugging and he said, "fine!  do it!" and I literally grabbed my daughter and RAN out the door.  After crying for a few hours at the shelter (because it makes me so sad), we didn't think we would end up with a dog that day.  Then I saw Milo and fell in love.  His mom is an australian sheppard and dad is a pit bull.  It's the darn eyes - they get me every time :)

Cooper wasn't thrilled at having someone else taking his Mom's attention but they fight/play like brothers and I can tell they really do love each other.  And the kids!  They love playing with him because he really, REALLY likes to play.  We just have to work on the puppy biting and jumping :)  All in all, he was a perfect birthday present so thank you babe for letting me get him :)

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