Monday, April 7, 2008

6 Month Photo Problems

Jim and I decided when Libby was born that we would get her pictures taken professionally every 3 months. Libby's 3 month pictures went fabulously. Her 6 months did not. Our mistake was not using the same woman that took them the last time. She was the manager of the store. This time we had a very young woman that frankly knew nothing about babies. She asked us how old the baby was and if she could sit up. We promptly replied 6 months and yes but only for very short intervals of time. So her response was for us to have her sit on the x in the middle of the room. Sit? Um, ok. So we put her there and make sure she wasn't wobbling around. This sitting thing was really 3 or 4 days new where she could go about 30 seconds on her own w/o trying to topple over. I wasn't a big fan of my baby going splat every 30 seconds on a floor I wasn't entirely sure was clean. We kept going though. So she made it about every 30-60 seconds sitting up and then went splat on the floor. I finally made her stop on the 3rd time when her head hit a metal bar that I did not know was there. Libby took it like a champ and did not cry until I got her to laugh and she fell over. Then she cried and cried and that's when the pictures were taken from Mommy and Daddy's arms.

We've changed our minds and won't be back until she is 1 year old. I'll be taking her 9 month ones myself.

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