Sunday, January 4, 2009

Videos: YouTube and iPod

I've had iPod(s) - yes several - for awhile now. My lovely hubby got me a video/picture one a few Christmases ago but I haven't really taken full advantage of it yet. That is mostly due to me not understanding how to get videos in the right format to be on the stupid thing. Now that I store all of my precious pics of my kiddo on there, I figured it was time to find a way to add videos on there too. I hunted around for a few options out there but really didn't want to spend any money. Unfortunately that seems to be unavoidable. I did find some software that we did purchase and have really been happy with - Cucusoft YouTube Mate. It is only $24.95 and really gets the job done. I'm really happy with it and look forward to keeping the adorable videos with me at all times.

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