Monday, January 19, 2009

15 Month Checkup

We had Libby's 15 month checkup today...for the second time. It was actually scheduled 2 weeks ago but she had such a nasty cold they didn't want to do the exam + shots. So today was the big day!! She has lost some weight and grew a TON! Actually, 1.5 inches to be a fact in the last 3 months. So that makes her stats:

Weight: 31lbs, 9oz
Height: 34 inches

Libby is definitely on the move -- as you can see from the many videos we have enjoyed putting him. She also has a large vocab and definitely loves to speak baby gibberish to us. Actually, she'll have an entire conversation with us and read to us in baby gibberish. We've also made a lot of progress with eating table foods. She even had pasta successfully for us on Saturday night. Now there is no stopping her!! =)

Some of Lib's favorite things are to...
  • have us read to her.
  • cuddle on the couch.
  • chase after Max.
  • play with Fozzie Bear.
  • dance along with music.
  • watch Handy Manny, Sesame Street or Imagination Movers.
  • taking a bubble bath.
  • cuddle with her blanket that Grandma Ski made her.
Cannot wait to see what the next few months bring!!

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