Wednesday, May 27, 2009

20 Months!

I know, I know. I've been bad about updating this site and really only posting pictures. But I had to post today...should have been yesterday!...Libby turned 20 months old!! I don't know why it is such a big deal to me. Maybe because we are so crazy close to her being 2 years old? She's growing more and more every day - like a weed. Seriously. Her vocab is going crazy and she's learning more and more every day. She is still a picky eater but we're working on it. Right now her favorite is any kind of fish. The girl is destined to be a vegetarian! Meat is not her friend! Well, except the chickens. She does love her nuggets. Libby also loves to say "Hi" and "Bye" to people...even those we don't know. Her voice is just so tiny and cute...until you try to start a tickle war by chasing her around and then she turns into a screaming lunatic. Really. Screams at the top of her lungs and looooves it. The faster she can run the better (for her). She's getting so fast! And she's in a size 7 shoe now! How insane is that? We've been lucky to not have to go to the doctor for a few months so I don't know how much she weights or how tall she is but she sure looks taller to me...but doesn't feel any heavier. It is amazing how my priorities switched from how tall/heavy she was to teaching her to recognize different shapes, colors, etc. She's learning all of those things too! I'll ask her to point to a red balloon and then purple one and she knows the difference. It's so exciting!

Also exciting is how she learned to take off her diaper this weekend for the first time. Lucky us!! Jim found her sitting in her crib with her diaper being whooshed around her head. Ok, not really, but she was playing with it. I found her the next morning sitting on her blankie and Fozzie Bear's head whooshing the diaper around her head (ok, that time I was being serious) screaming with glee and very proud of herself. The daycare says it is a sign she's ready to be potty trained...I think it is a sign we need stronger diapers. =)

Libby still loves music - everything about it! She loves to dance, to sing (in her own way), and to force others to get up and dance (even if you are too tired to). We can't wait till she can start dance or take music lessons because we both know she'll really love it.

Other things she loves - TinkerBell. We have watched that movie 6 times since Friday. Friday! Ugh. I think I know every sentence by heart now. One thing we did learn from it though was that Libby can be afraid. Normally she's fearless but there is a scene with a hawk in the movie that makes her tear up and hold onto your neck. She's terrified. We skip that scene now.

I'm sure there are plenty of other things to call out but I cannot think of any at the moment. It is just very hard to believe in a few short months my little baby will be two years old. *sigh*

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