Friday, May 1, 2009


I know being a parent is hard.  Jim and I are reaching that point where Libby is telling us no to, I have to admit it is pretty cute to hear her say, "No" in a squeaky little voice.  But, sadly, we know the day is coming where that word will be screamed at the top of her lungs and the door will be slammed in our faces.  (ugh)  As I watch parents when I am out and about I am amazed at the different parenting styles.  Some Mommies just have to whisper in their child's ear to get them to hush.  Others cannot calm their kiddo and drag them through the store, playground, etc.  Then there are others...the Mommies that really get my blood boiling...the ones that just don't care.
Last night Jim and I had one of our weekly date nights.  We chose a quiet little Mexican restaurant that I dearly love and had planned a nice quiet, quiet, quiet dinner where we could talk.  We really enjoy this weekly ritual and after the last 2 weeks (stay tuned for another post about the big changes in our life), we just wanted to sit down and just be on a date.  Unfortunately the table next to us didn't really care.  It consisted of the Grandma, Mom, Dad, Uncle, son (probably 5) and younger son (maybe 5 or 6 months).  The Mom, Dad and Uncle only wanted to talk about planning their upcoming vacation -- they suggested Mexico because they thought they could get a deal, seriously?  I knew when I heard that they wouldn't get parents of the year or anything.  The next 15 minutes consisted of the younger son (being held by Grandma) choking on his spit up and turning white and the "older" son throwing a sticky toy frog on the ceiling fan.  Meanwhile, while I am recovering from my heart attack after watching the infant choke so badly and listening to the Dad explain to the Grandma that no he cannot have a bottle yet while he screams because he is both hungry and bored, the parents and uncle continue to discuss the vacation.  I'm super sensative to kids right now so I am just about to lose it as I watch this family completely ignore their children.  But what can you do?  They leave and then we follow a little later.  Jim tells me as we leave that another family came in with 2 boys probably 4 and 5 and were putting them in the smoking section.  Now, I realize people smoke...but do you have to do it while you are out with your family at a restaurant?
On top of all of this, if I read one more story about someone beating their child to death I am going to go insane.  Seriously.  My heart cannot take it anymore.  I look at my little girl and sure, there are times when I want to pull my hair out as she screams while making it impossible to change her but I would never do anything to hurt this little bug. 
So, last night after seeing all of this I am determined to do something, something to help these little kiddos have a better life.  Any suggestions?  Because obviously, some of these parents need some help!

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