Monday, September 21, 2009

Party at my crib!

I thought our lives were getting back to normal.  Sure, our child who never sleeps in was sleeping until 9am.  She was getting up still constantly throughout the night.  But, I had high hopes that our Sunday night would go great since she had a normal nap time and we took her places to wear her out.  Boy was I wrong.  It was like a light came on in her.  "Oh!", she said.  "I have FIVE days of playtime to make up for.  Party at my crib!!  1am - 4am!  You bring the juice, I'll have the toys and milk."

It was horrible.  I can almost take comforting a sick child at 1am but to try to convince a very alert, happy kid that it was time to go to bed when clearly it wasn't for her is not so fun for a parent.  Add to that I had some kind of stomach bug (which only tends to happen on Sunday nights I notice - coincidence?) where I was up half the night anyways.  So the end result was we put her to bed at her normal 8pm listened to her play in her room until 10pm when she fell asleep for the first time.  Listened to her get up at 1am and then spent the next hour trying to get her to go to sleep.  The next hour was just spent with us shaking our heads that she was still awake and playing contently in her crib.  Then from 3am - 4am I think we began to get loopy and just prayed she went to sleep.  Because, you see, I have the pleasure of taking her back to daycare for the first time in a week.  Which means she gets up at 6:45am on the dot so I have a prayer of getting to work by 7:45am (which is what I strive for).  Just the thought of having to get her up after so little probably didn't help my stomach issues. 
So when 6:45am came around I avoided her like the plague.  In the end, it actually wasn't horrible.  She kept hiding from me and putting a blanket over her head (I guess she thought this was hiding?) but in the end, yes, there were tears but it was by no means the worst morning ever.  By the time I got her downstairs and into the car with a graham cracker in her hands watching Tinker Bell (Thank goodness for a DVD in a car!!), she was wide eyed and ready for her day.  Even the drop off at the daycare wasn't too bad.  She was clingy but once she saw her teacher, Amber, she was fine.  I can finally relax knowing she is healthy and although tired, she is ok. =)  Now, we just need to get that sleep routine down again!

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