Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why We Moved

I've decided to fess up and say why we moved. There were honestly many reasons. A townhome with no backyard off of a busy street, no matter how convenient it was to everything we wanted to do (Forest Park, STL Zoo, The Loop, etc), is not a good place to raise a kid. Add to that we never left the house. Why? Because our "up and coming neighborhood" became grand central station for thefts. Approximately every 2 weeks someone in our community, not street, not nearby, in the buildings next to us would get their homes broken into and cleaned out. They had a system and it sadly worked every time. Around 2pm about 2-3 kids/men would go door to door and ring the doorbell with an extra person in a car. If you were home, they would ask if some made up person was there and you were safe. Then off to the next door they would go until they found an empty home. Next they would pull around back, hop onto your deck, pry open your door and then let the car into the garage where they would then take their sweet time in taking all of your possessions and even eat your food.

For those of you that know me even a little bit know that I am worry-wart so this made me a prisoner in my own home. I thought that if we just stayed home all of the time we would be safe. My husband had other ideas. He said we should move. And so began the fun of packing up our lives and trying to convince others not to be afraid of our area. We got a realtor and as quickly as we could put the house up on the market. Sadly, this backfired because after a few weeks of having our sign out front we had a visitor one morning at around 3:45am trying to get into our house. Luckily I am crazy and make sure the alarm is always set. The alarm went off instantly and nothing was taken. The police were called but told us they couldn't look for fingerprints because nothing was damaged or taken. Lucky us. We were the first house to get hit at night...again, lucky us.

It is hard to think about the old house because we both loved it. It was our first home and we took our first child home from the hospital there. We wanted to make it work but in the end we just couldn't expose our child to that area. We didn't tell our friends and family about all that was happening because we didn't want to worry them. So, if you are reading this and are shocked or upset we didn't share this with you...we did it out of love. I promise.

But now we are in our new house. I am finally at peace and in a home I can see raising our children in for a very, very long time.

Ah, peace.

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