Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ski Splash Day

Libby loves water.  A lot.  Her daycare does a "Splash Day" and so I bought a fun sprinkler for her to play in at home.  We took it out yesterday and had a blast.  We started with applying the sunscreen - which she enjoys and we are oh so thankful!

07.05.10 Sprinkler Fun (5)

And then came fun time!  At first she wasn't entirely sure she liked the sprinkler...

07.05.10 Sprinkler Fun (23)

But she got the hang of it and fell quickly in love with the crazy spinkler.  Here are some of the pictures that are my favorites!

07.05.10 Sprinkler Fun (30)

07.05.10 Sprinkler Fun (29)

07.05.10 Sprinkler Fun (22)

We will definitely be doing this again.  It was so much fun for everyone!

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