Friday, July 30, 2010

July Update

I am getting pretty bad at updating this thing. Sorry. The pregnancy is still going well (and more importantly, still going on). We're in week 37 now and it looks like we are actually going to make it to the big 39 weeks. At least that is the plan right now unless the baby decides to come earlier or my blood pressure goes crazy between now and 8/11. Otherwise, TJ will be making his arrival on 8/11. Not much is happening other than I am getting bigger and bigger. Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing how big our boy is measuring at and he is coming in at a whopping 8lbs 9oz which is above the 90%. The estimating is really just that - an estimate and can be +/- 1lb so I am told. I am choosing to think that if he is not that big, he is -1lb of that versus a +1. =) Everyone I have ever talked with has said that they measure them bigger than what they really are so I am holding onto that. The other fun of the ultrasound from yesterday was I got to see him practice breathing. It is such a relief because I am worried his lungs won't be fully developed yet. He's technically full term but there is always a risk that he won't have fully developed lungs. It is really the main reason we want to wait as close to 39 weeks as possible.

Libby is doing great and her vocabulary is growing more and more each day. She's quickly becoming a drama queen/actress. It sometimes worry me the things she fakes but I figure she is just wanting attention. We are very lucky that her bedtime routines have been relatively easy..up until recently. She now knows she can get out of bed and has, a few times now, gotten out of bed after being tucked in. This is a big no-no and her reaction to us catching her up is one for the books folks. Jim caught her the other night and she put her hands up, fake yawned, and said, "I'm just going to bed Daddy. I am SO tired." and then fake yawned again. Seriously? Where did she get that from?! It's hard not to laugh at that and encourage her. I find myself constantly turning around not to laugh when she does stuff like that ... obviously she is figuring out that I am laughing from the sound I am making of trying to cover up my laughs. Oh well. I can only do so much!

She is also letting her imagination go crazy. I'm trying to give her more freedom. Jim and I both want her to start playing more by herself because that seems to be a skill she very, very, VERY much lacks. The other morning I left her in the office as she was chasing Max the cat around with her blankie...using it as a whip...and I needed to make one of my frequent trips to the restroom. I came back into the office to find the cat in a box (and happy to be there because he loves boxes) and Libby hovering over him with a lid in her hand ready to use. I only wish I had my camera but sadly I didn't have it.

The other fun thing we are dealing with recently is the heat. Geesh is this not the hottest summer ever? I'm SO glad that I am this pregnant in this heat. Oh, did I mention our A/C went out on the top floor last weekend? I noticed Friday night that it wasn't that cool and by Saturday morning it definitely was not cool. We called someone over to look at it and sure enough it was broken and he didn't have the part in the van. Luckily we did have A/C on the bottom level so we camped out there all weekend. It was pretty miserable but we made do. I didn't sleep very well because our couches are crazy soft and you sink into them...which is good except when you are 36 weeks pregnant and need to be able to get up and down a million times while trying to sleep on them. The A/C is fixed now and I am back to a real bed so I am happy again. =)

Of course I already mentioned in a previous post that my darling "little" niece is here. She's already 3 weeks old and is growing like a weed from what I hear. I need to go see her but things keep getting in the way!

So I think that is about it...12 days left till TJ comes!

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