Thursday, October 21, 2010

TJ: 10 weeks

I am a bit behind on the two month posting for TJ...but regardless, time moves on!  He is now 10 weeks old but I'll still focus on his two month milestones.  It is still amazing to me how fast time flies by and how much TJ changes each day.  He is a little ray of light for me.  My big boy was 16.6 lbs last time I weighed him over the weekend.  Yes, I said 16.6 lbs.  How insane is that?! 

He's also incredibly smiley.  That little smile just lights up a room.  I am a little disturbed by what he thinks is funny (his sister screaming, me running around like a crazy person in the morning trying to get everything done, etc) but I am sure that it will be fine. =)  I have to admit that after running around if I look down and see him smiling at me that helps calm me down a bit!

I also have started playing peekaboo with him.  He LOVES it.  He also loves accents just like his big sister did. 

As usual, here is a brief summary of everything that is all about TJ:
  • Eating - He is still around 40oz per day. Usually has about 5-6 bottles per day and eats between 6 -8oz each feeding.
  • Sleep - Boy have we had improvements in this area!  He now usually sleeps 6-8 hours (usually 7 or 8) from 8pm until about 2-2:30am.  It has been heavenly! 
  • Diapers - We still are going through about 8-10 per day with at least 1-2 dirty ones.
  • Attitude - TJ is still pretty laid back and only gets upset when he is hungry or gassy. He loves to look around and snuggle with anything warm. He is also a morning person!
  • Likes - looking around, cuddling, cars but only if they are moving, peekaboo, mommy, daddy, libby, accents, bathes - yes that's right!  He actually likes baths now!
  • Dislikes - mommy/daddy not making his bottle fast enough 
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