Friday, October 1, 2010

TJ: Seven Weeks

Because I decided to live more in the moment versus documenting everything, I have fall behind in writing here.  TJ is now seven weeks old.  I return to work next Wednesday.  Wednesday.  I remember when I could say x amount of weeks but time can sure move quickly around here with 2 kids.  Now back to TJ.  Oh what a joy he is.  My only complaint is he doesn't nap during the day.  Still.  To make up for it the past few weeks he started sleeping 6 hours each night and now for the past 2 nights he has slept 8 hours in between feedings.  He'll fall asleep around 7-8pm and get up anywhere between 3-4am.  Boy that makes up for trying to figure out what the heck to do with him all day long. 

He's still pretty laid back and he smiles now.  Smiles.  At me.  When he sees me.  Oh! and he talks!  All of the time.  This is when things really start falling into place.  His personality really shines through.  I gotta say.  I like it a lot. =)

I'll write more official likes/dislikes at his 2 month posting but we did take him in for his 6 weeks checkup this week at 7 weeks.  Here is where we are...

Latest Stats:
     Weight:  13lbs 11oz (97%)
     Length: 23 inches (75%)
     Head: 40 cm (75%)

So he grew 2.25 inches and gained 4 lbs in 4 weeks.  That's my boy!

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