Thursday, April 5, 2007

1st Trimester Recap

I didn't have this blog up when I was going through the 1st trimester so I wanted to recap and brag on my great little one so far. Most people have a rough time with their 1st trimester. I was blessed to not have a lot happen to me. My symptoms included the following:
  1. Being exhausted - Well, you all know I could barely stay up past 9:30/10:00 anyways...well during the 1st trimester I could barely make it to 7pm! Jim got a lot of TV time. =) It is getting a lot better! I am back to making it till about 9:00 or 9:30 so that is nice.
  2. Nausea - Most people get very bad morning sickness but I never actually got sick. Just had very bad nausea for about 5 weeks and then it went away.
  3. Emotional - Alright, so this is to be expected and I am still experiencing this a lot, but I would cry at anything. A puppy. A baby. My cat being sweet (which is rare). Sadly - anything. That has calmed down a lot but I am still emotional. Hopefully I didn't drive Jim too crazy with it.
Now not everything has gone 100% according to plan. We did have a scare about 8 weeks where they thought I might be miscarrying but this baby is a fighter and is stubborn like his/her Mommy. Everything turned out to be fine and then they gave us another bit of news. That it might be twins. Well that totally drove me crazy until we had an ultrasound at week 10 and determined we just had one little blessing. So, just one Baby Ski is in the mix. =) It is very healthy and everything looked good.

Overall, this has been a wonderful experience and I have not had any complaints. The 2nd Trimester will be filled with more ups and downs and I cannot wait (swollen ankles and all!).

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