Sunday, April 1, 2007


I'm 13 weeks and have totally bonded with the little guy (again, convinced it is a boy). I talk to it constantly and thank it or my easy first trimester where I really didn't get severe morning sickness. It did, however, make me incredibly moody. The kid and I will have to find some way to make it up to the dad-to-be for putting up with me!

The first time I saw the little one on the ultrasound I just cried and cried. I mean, what else could I do? It was amazing. S/he danced around and waved at us. It was amazing. My only regret was that the printer was not working so we had to make a pathetic attempt at capturing the picture with our digital camera (see earlier post below). Jim/Dad was so excited I had to beg him to take a picture. It was definitely the best moment in my life (second to marrying Jim of course =) ).

In any case, now that this site is up and running, I will document the things that happen during the baby's growth. Our next doctor's appointment is 4.10 and we get to actually hear the baby's heartbeat! I cannot wait! We got to see it the last time but to hear it will be incredible!

Stay tuned!

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