Saturday, February 16, 2008


Unfortunately Libby has caught another cold. This one is worse than the last one she just got over 2 weeks ago. I actually kept her home from daycare all week because she was having such a difficult time to breathe. Here is the real question though. I know the kid that keeps getting her sick. It is the same kid that got her sick the last time. He's *still* sick. Do I nicely ask his parents to keep him home when he is getting everyone sick? I realize that some people are not fortunate as we are where I have the ability to work from home so if my kid is sick or the daycare closes that I don't have to take off work. But come on! The kid has had a cold for a month. How do I know this? Every time I see him - which is every day I take her to daycare - I see his nose crusted over with what has to be stuff from his nose. It just breaks my heart. I want to say something to his parents....but I know I won't. It is just very frustrating. This time he even got one of the 2 teachers sick. I am really hoping one of them would say something. Guess we'll see!

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