Thursday, February 7, 2008

Parents as Teachers

There is a program called 'Parents as Teachers' that I have always heard wonderful things about. I always knew I would use them to help reach if not surpass my child's milestones. When Libby was born, I tried to get the information for them as quickly as I could so we could start the program. It ended up taking until she was 4 months old to actually get someone to call me back. Then it was so close to Christmas that they didn't want to meet until after the first of the year. It took them until the end of January to call me back to set up an appointment. I was never given the person's name or phone number to contact them. We eventually set up an appointment to meet last night. I was very excited and rushed around the house like a crazy person to get everything ready. He was supposed to come over at 6:00. When he wasn't there at 6:30 I thought to myself, "Well, he must have gotten the times mixed up and thought it was 6:30". Then 7:00 came and still nothing - no phone call (he has my cell phone number) or anything. I still haven't received any kind of communication from him today explaining why he stood us up. I am really not impressed anymore.

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