Thursday, March 13, 2008

We're Still Here!

We're still here! I haven't forgotten about this site - promise! Libby is almost 6 months now (24 weeks!)...she's just thriving and is such a bundle of fun. She is now trying to sit up on her own and does not enjoy tummy time that much. Sadly, she just wants to sit and grab at anything and everything. She does love rocket baby A LOT. We just hoist her in the air and pretend to drop her and then raise her up. It is quite a workout at 22lbs! The girl loves her some Daddy too! She just laughs and laughs with him. I'm definitely used as a shoulder to cry and sleep on but I won't complain at all. =)

Solid foods are going well. She loves her cereal but we have introduced carrots and apples. Carrots weren't a hit but boy oh boy does she love her apples! She'll just gobble them up (after a sour face or two!). We were not able to introduce anything for awhile when we were giving her antibiotics a week ago. Given that we didn't know if she was having an allergic reaction to the medicine, we opted to wait on giving her new foods until the medicine was out of her system. Since then all systems are in full force! Feeding her solids is one of my favorite things...even though it is really messy.

Daycare is getting easier for me to stomach too. We have our bad days but those women really care for my little girl. They get concerned when she's sick. It is really a good place.

I'm still trying to struggle work and personal life but I'm still trying. =) It would really help if she could sleep through the night! Just to know I could sleep all night would mean I could stay up past 8pm each night. I always liked going to bed early but not at 7:30/8:00 pm! It is crazy!

We're also getting a minivan Saturday! I am very excited about all of the extra room. Oh, and no matter what Jim says, we are not getting flames on it. =)

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