Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bib Review

I know a review on bibs seems a little odd but anyone that has a child that eats the wonderfully messy pureed foods realizes they are important. I've been on the hunt for the perfect bib ever since I realized what the criteria was for the perfect bib (to me):
  • outlasts the meals with the baby
  • doesn't stain easily
  • can go in the dishwasher
I found some good bibs that do the first two but finding bibs that go into the dishwasher was difficult. That search was over a few weeks ago when I ran into a woman washing an interesting looking bib in a restaurant's bathroom. I, of course, started to make small talk with the woman asking how old her little one was, etc. Then I asked her what kind of bib that was and she said a Bjorn bib. She explained it was incredibly old and she didn't know if they even made them anymore. The bib was a bit faded but the nice woman explained that was due to it being put in the dishwasher for so many years. The hunt was on! Given that the bib was over 10 years old (this was a 'late bonus' child) and still looked amazing and was able to go into the dishwasher I knew I had found my perfect bib. And it is perfect. We ordered 2 from Target and they are wonderful. It has a soft plastic and it easily fits around our baby's neck (which is large). They wash in the dishwasher without any wear and really are just great. My only complaint is that they are a bit expensive. Other than that I HIGHLY suggest them!

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