Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eating Habits

I should have known...I thought we had a good routine going and then BAM! Libby decides to change it. We still have her on a feeding/sleep schedule that works really well for everyone (except for the part of not sleeping through the night still). We even knew how much to the spoonful that she would eat. No more! Libby has decided after about 11 months of being out in the world she no longer likes nor wants a lot of food. Giving her solid food usually involves me dodging food being slung or spit at me. The bottle is almost as bad because she can swat it out of your hand so quickly you never know it is coming. I've read this is normal for feeding/eating habits to change. I just never thought it would happen to her because she has always been such a great eater. Just shows me never to assume things will stay the same!!

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